Meet our conjurer’s, Kosmo, Ivy and Crispin.

We have been voted the Number one spell casters for the past 25 years in New Orleans.

Known throughout the world for our knowledge and abilities in white magic, Black magic, Voodoo, Celtic rituals, Egyptian rituals, and Pagan rituals.

We are known as a scholar’s, because just like many people come to us in search of spell work just as many come in search of knowledge in the spiritual arts.

We have been mentors to some of the top spell casters known.

We have created this website because so many people have come to our local shop in New Orleans, explaining how they went to psychics for spell casting services only to find that they paid for lies and deceit.

No psychic and or astrologer can perform spell work.

There are casters and there are seers. Each gift is special, each has a purpose, however neither will cross, if you desire to know the future or seek to understand the past then a psychic or astrologer is what you need.

However on the other hand if what you seek and desire is to change a situation in your life rather than wait to see what the cards and stars have in store for you then spell work is what you need.

Here at Bayou Custom Spells you will never spend hundreds of dollars.We have put together three Pages of spells to choose from.

White magic spells, Black magic spells and Love spells.

Each page contains a list of Spells & Rituals.

Our most popular most requested and extremely powerful spells, you will find that we offer are the package spells deals.

Whichever you choose you will never be asked to spend a dime more and every spell we cast we guarantee you will see results in 1 to 2 hours.

We stand behind our work fully with an Iron clad money back guarantee that is written, signed, and email to you before you pay. So now please browse our pages of spells and keep in mind if there is a spell or ritual you need that is not listed, We offer custom rituals and spell castings pricing and guarantees will remain the same.

Many blessings sweet spirit,
Kosmo, Ivy and Crispin.
Zodiac Love Spells