Aceso Candle

Aceso Grande Candle

ACESO GODDESS CANDLE. 6 oz. For Comfort, Healing, Awareness, Family, Relief - $45

Pure comfort & warmth come from a healing blend of Cacao & Frankincense, topped with blessings of Frankincense Resin & Peridot Crystals. This blend was created to give relief to the spirit, emotional or physical, reminding us of the comforts of home & family, or the power of healing through positive belief. Through the use of this blend, you call upon the energies of Goddess Aceso, The Goddess of Health, Healing & strong family ties.  She brings divine awareness into the soul & purification to the body & mind. Illness & poor health come from lower vibrations & the energies one is attracting, so by lifting the spirits & raising one's vibrations, slowly but surely, health will also improve. Goddess Aceso serves as a great reminder for this very important aspect in our lives, she offers us awareness through our thoughts, actions, surrounding & even what we are consuming, our daily activities, people we are gathering around & how much rest we are getting. Awareness is key to good health, followed by spiritual growth & enlightenment, as this is all part of the healing process.

Frankincense holds such powerful properties for purification of the body, mind & spirit, for meditation, prayer or magickal practices, in which the user intends to build a stronger connection to source / God. Frankincense can bring about intense spiritual growth as it works to clear the chakras & energy bodies of any negativity, offering protection & strength. With that said, Frankincense can greatly enhance one's mood and bring a great energy to help one focus on their personal enlightenment & overall happiness.  Cacao can be used to add power to your thoughts, connect to your spirit guides & obtain higher teachings. For centuries the Cacao bean has been used during ceremonies to promote love, passion & enlightenment. It helps one to go deeper within the soul for inner- reflecting & building a stronger connection to the divine. Far more than just being an Aphrodisiac, Cacao can really bring some powerful magick into your life.  Peridot is an abundance crystal, helping to raise one's vibrations & bring forth positivity. It works with the heart chakra, as this is the best place for all healing to begin. It bring self love, care & respect to a top priority, which is necessary for one's growth spiritually & energetically.

A magickal handcrafted 6oz. candle tin can be used for simple spells, rituals or just setting a proper energy to your environment. This tin candle is made up of soy wax, cotton wick, fragrance / essential oil blend & is charged & sprinkled with the associated crystal chip gemstones & herbs.  This beautiful candle offers a high scent throw, many smiles & can be taken on the go. It holds an average burn time of 45+ hours & comes ready to gift to a friend or yourself.

Blessings of Abundant Love,
~ Grayson

*All sales are final. 
Store in cool dry place, keep from heat or direct sunlight. Never leave a lit candle unattended or near flammable items such as curtains. Always think of safety when using open flame*

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Beltane Apothecary Candle

Beltane Apothecary

BELTANE APOTHECARY CANDLE 8oz. May Day. Scent of Bergamot, Grapefruit, Vetiver, Elemi, Saffron & Cinnamon. Blessed by Unakite & Carnelian Crystals.
Regular price - $45

Beltane marks the halfway point between the Spring Equinox & Summer Solstice & falls on May 1st, otherwise known as ' May Day.' Celebrating this time of warmth & life, many rituals revolved around Fertility, Bonfires & May-Pole Dances. The significance of fire in many of these rituals, holds the qualities of the sun, bringing illumination, life, growth, purification & rejuvenation. In ancient times, farmers would often lead their cattle between two bonfires, during Beltane, to bless them with safety, as they wandered into the Summer fields. Bonfires work to bring people together, conjuring an energy of community & growth; during this season, many couples would act in a ceremony of fertility, jumping together over the flames to enter through the 'gateway' of abundance, passion & new life. Often used for a symbol of Beltane is the Green Man or a man with antlers, which symbolizes the unity between man & nature. It is a sacred blessing we own in this physical life, as the Green Man also reminds us that we are not only made of nature, but we will one day also return to nature, teaching us to live a life full of abundance & laughter. The message is simple, yet powerful, It is time to make the best of things & celebrate all the beauty around & within us.

A spicy green & fresh citrusy blend of oils reminding us of the powers of nature. Tied together as one, the elements of fire & earth bring us both destruction & life, a fine balance that we also carry within ourselves. Together the complex alchemy blend of Bergamot, Grapefruit, Elemi, Vetiver, Saffron & Cinnamon purifies & cleanses the aura, strengthening one's energy field, offering protection against all negativity, & an increase in the universal energy flow, as it grounds both the mental and emotional bodies. It inspires the rites of passage, initiation and new beginnings. It helps one to let go of per-conceptions and old ideas at the dawn of a new chapter in life. It is a great way to honor the spirits of nature & focus the mind during a fertility or prosperity meditation. Charged with the energies of Unakite & Carnelian, it can offer a reminder of the driving force that dwells with the spirit. Together they help to foster a healthy relationship through balanced emotions, heal the reproductive system, help one to release anger of self, open the heart, give abundant energy, happiness & cheer. All as one, this unique blend can help one to create a very promising future.

Candle Apothecary at its finest. In a beautiful 8oz. glass corked jar, with up to a 60 hour burn from a paper-core wick; this hand-poured soy Beltane Candle is perfect for any altar, big or small. This powerful candle can aid in welcoming warmth & cheer, dispelling any negative energy & allowing for a beautiful glow from the heart. I have also sprinkled hand-ground blessed chip stone powder of Unakite & Carnelian into the wax of each candle to keep the spiritual vibrations high & in good trust, as well as protected by the ringing of the bell charm tied to each one. Whether you decide to use this candle all month long or specifically for a May Day Celebration, it can enhance the magick for whatever ritual or ceremony you may choose to embark on. The brightest of blessings to you and and your loved one's this season of new life!

Beltane Blessings,  
~ Grayson

A beautiful, hand-crafted blend of both all natural essential oils & high grade fragrance oils, blessed with the energies of the associated crystals in an all natural organic soy wax. Free of Harsh Chemicals & Animal Testing. Store in cool dry place, keep from heat or direct sunlight. Never leave a lit candle unattended or near flammable items such as curtains. Always think of safety when using open flame * RECYCLE! when you are finished using this candle, you can remove the label and remaining wax under warm water and reuse the jar for other crafty magickal projects or storing herbs. 🙂

All Sales Final *

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Immortal Skull Candles

Immortal Skull Candles 2

IMMORTAL Apothecary SKULL CANDLE 6oz. All Natural. Scent of Patchouli, Clove & Cinnamon. Blessed by Tiger's Eye, Moonstone & Amethyst Crystals.
Regular price - $49.95

We are all Immortal souls. Energy that continues to evolve & transform even after this lifetime. Bringing new energy & life into new physical realities, gaining more knowledge & learning from more lessons each time. The skull has always held a sacred energy to it, becoming worshipped & acknowledged as the house of our thoughts, beliefs, memories & wisdom. The skull can be viewed as a symbol of life & death, reminding us that our time here in the physical is not forever & that we must take in & enjoy all that we can before we drift back into the spirit realm. With this, centuries of people hold countless stories of 'the dead,' coming back to say hello & offer protection & guidance to us still here in the physical realm.  This belief that spirits of our loved one's return is so strong, that it often is celebrated among many cultures & religions. Not just during the thinning veil, but all year around, when we seek comfort or in a moment of sorrow over the loss of a loved one, we ritualistically sit alone & hold conversations with them, paying respects at their grave or by an old photo. We do this because we intuitively know that they are indeed present and listening, everywhere at all times. In this moment we understand that we are able to channel their specific energy, if only for a moment to once again feel that vibration that they once offered us. This is the power of Immortality, although it may not be seen the same way in the physical, it never dies, as it carries on through the power of memory & thought, feelings & vibrations & most of all, through an energy of love. Death is never the end, just a transition. The skull is a powerful symbol of that transition we must all make at some point.

All natural & carrying the autumn scents of Patchouli, Clove & Cinnamon, this mystical blend works to offer protection, abundance & manifestation. Helping in meditation to better connect with the spirit world, the vibrations of Tiger's Eye, Moonstone & Amethyst Crystals work to calm emotions, offer strength, courage & clarity to the Mind's Eye. Allowing for clear messages from the other side to come through, so that we may pay our respects by reconnecting with that missed energy; making this a powerful blend to use during Samhain (Halloween) or The Day of the Dead ( Dia Del Los Muertos.)

A haunting hand-poured 6oz. candle can be used for Samhain Ritual, Halloween Magick, or Ancestor Connection Spells & Meditations. This decorative & re-usable glass skull jar candle is made up of organic soy wax, non-toxic paper-core wick, essential oil blend & is charged with the associated crystal chip gemstones, hand-ground into a powder & mixed into the wax. The magickal aura around each candle is powerful & protective on its own, creating a shift in energy of any room it is left in. This beautiful candle offers an all natural scent & many happy memories. It holds an average burn time of 45+ hours.  Each Candle comes in a beautiful Black organza bag, with information card, prayer & decorative hangtag, ready to gift to a loved one or yourself.

May your spirit never die,
~ Grayson

*All sales are final.
Store in cool dry place, keep from heat or direct sunlight. Never leave a lit candle unattended or near flammable items such as curtains. Always think of safety when using open flame *

*Free of Harsh Chemicals & Animal Testing.

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